Our unique, multi-tiered leadership potential accelerator is built around the three streams of Lead, Think & Impact - three areas that our research has uniquely shown to be extremely critical in preparing well-rounded future leaders:

  1. LEAD..... developing the many facets of effective, creative, adaptive and flexible leadership to help children & youth flourish throughout their young and future lives, and nurture their passion & capacity to create positive change in the future.
  2. THINK..... developing holistic intelligence (HQ) that helps expand children & youth's intelligence beyond just intellectual (IQ), emotional (EQ) or social (SQ).
  3. IMPACT..... developing the children & youth’s impact quotient™ so as to bolster their leadership capacity through engagement in community projects & entrepreneurial ventures.

And because of our open-source mindset, we remain committed to working with all stakeholders to make this platform even more impactful by embracing all ideas that align with our overall purpose.


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