Our multi-tier curriculum and content focuses on the most important leadership qualities desired in future leaders, based on extensive research by our global partners.


KidLead is a non-profit, educational organization committed to raising effective, ethical leaders, by focusing on them when they are still pliable. KidLead is not a kids' program emphasizing leadership, but rather a leadership program targeting leaders when they are most moldable & allows children to learn skills of influence.

Advisory Board Members of Kidlead include national leadership and family experts: Dr. John Maxwell, Dr. Les Parrott III, Dr. John Trent, and Steve Arterburn.

In partnership with Kidlead, FLA has launched LeadStar™ & LeadSmart™, the world's first executive caliber leadership training programs for preteens & teens, that teach the sixteen key leadership qualities & focuses on a life stage when young leaders are still pliable in their character, but mature enough to be taught sophisticated social skills required for leading.

LeadStar™ & LeadSmart™ are taught by certified trainers using media, experiential activities and real-to-life projects.

FLA is proud to partner with SAGE in an initiative which would see the launch of the first entrepreneurship competitions of their kind in this region. Starting in the UAE, our plans are to launch FLA-SAGE™ in other Middle East markets in due course.

So what got SAGE started?

There are many challenges posed by social needs. Unmet social needs continue to proliferate and there is an increasing awareness that the social problems and challenges we face are global and interconnected. Entrepreneurship has become broadly accepted as a productive way to address social needs.

SAGE's mission is to help create the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders whose innovations and social enterprises address the major unmet needs of our global community. SAGE provides an opportunity to develop a socially-responsible business (SRB) or a social enterprise business (SEB). At the end of the academic year, the student teams showcase their efforts on a national and world stage.

Thinking Schools International (TSI) www.thinkingschoolsinternational.com

TSI was established in 2010 and is a partnership between Kestrel Education in the UK and Designs for Thinking in the US. The aim - to facilitate a whole school approach to the development of students' thinking skills for organisations across the globe who are committed to develop 21st Century Learning.

Now a global phenomenon, the thinking school approach has been adopted by thousands of schools world-wide in ten countries around the world and as such, Future Leadership Academy is incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with TSI. Our new alliance has already brought to fruit two new programs - ThinkRight™ and ThinkSmart™ - which involve teaching students to utilise 8 different visual maps in their thought processes, resulting in better student academic performance, improvement in the basics of reading and writing, as well as problem-solving and the development of higher-order thinking abilities, and the ability to process one's thinking using different Thinking Maps across a variety of settings whether at school or at home. With the success of our Think programs, more Think focused programs using other thinking tools and frameworks are just around the corner.

For further details on how an implementation could be done at your school, please visit http://www.thinkingschoolsinternational.com/the-tsi-approach-and-training/the-tsi-approach/


More global partnerships will be unveiled soon. Look out for some exciting announcements to be made in the coming months.

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