We are excited about discovering trainers interested in raising effective, ethical leaders. Please fill out the following application if you'd like to be considered as a certified trainer for our various programs. Upon confirmation of your accreditation status, you will be granted permission to use the FLA training materials and name/logo as specified in the training.

Trainer Application Form

Personal Info:

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References : Please provide two references who are not related to you and preferably who have seen you in a leadership role and/or working with preteens.
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Motivation/Experience:   Feel free to use additional space for these answers:

Why do you want to become a certified trainer with the FLA?
Are you being sponsored by any organization? If so, which one:

What experience do you have as a leader? As a facilitator? As an educator?

What experience do you have working with preteens?
If you plan to work with teens, then note this and respond.

Presentation Video: We will also need a video of you doing a presentation (at least 3-5 minutes) to observe your communication skills.  This will not be returned to you.  You can send this to the address listed on our website.


Background Check: Are you willing to let Future Leadership Academy run a background check on you?    (This is a requirement for people interested in becoming certified trainers.)


Cost: There is a certification cost associated with this training. Please contact us to get the details.


Process: You will be notified when we have received your application. Then we’ll contact you within 30 days to let you know if your application has been accepted and what the next steps will be for you to receive training. Certification is not automatic, but will be determined after the training takes place. Those who go through training but do not receive certification may receive a refund based on training expenses incurred. The aim of the Future Leadership Academy is to certify people who will be effective.


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