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Our leadership programs - LeadStar™ & LeadSmart™ - are dedicated to raising effective and ethical leaders by developing them while they're still moldable. Consider these executive caliber training programs for preteens and teens, focusing on a life stage when young leaders are still pliable in their character, but mature enough to be taught sophisticated social skills required for leading.
By intentionally incorporating a combination of cognitive, micro and macro motor skills, video, kinesthetics, and discussion, LeadStar™ (10-13 year olds) and LeadSmart™ (14-18 year olds) training provides a robust means of content delivery. Programs for both the age groups have four modules & over the course of all the four modules, young leaders will experience over 100 leadership activities. Just as repetitive athletic training is designed to create muscle memory, ongoing leadership activities condition young leaders to respond automatically as team builders and problem solvers. Our trainers & coaches teach Socratically, by asking strategic questions, in order to help students think like leaders themselves, not just follow directions from adults.
The programs include parent and mentor training as well. Additionally, all children interested to enroll will be required to have a parent & teacher take the Leadership Influence Survey™ as a pre-requisite to help identify their observable leader qualities. Once they graduate, program participants will join an alumni program that will allow them to remain engaged in the study and practice of leadership.

What Timings Where
(Age 10-13)

(Age 14-18)

lease email leadership@arkaan.org to find out more. Programs generally held in schools, please email think@arkaan.org/ leadership@arkaan.org/sage@arkaan.org to find out if there are programs running near you or if you want to bring these programs to your community/ school.
(Age 7-10)


Please email think@arkaan.org to find out more.
(Age 10-13)
Please email think@arkaan.org to find out more.
(Age 7-10)
Please email think@arkaan.org to find out more.
(Age 10-13)
Please email think@arkaan.org to find out more.
(Age 13-19)
Please email sage@arkaan.org to find out more.

To learn more about these programs, kindly go to partner methodologies and complete the form to download more information on the same

Upcoming ImpactStar™ & ImpactSmart™ Program Schedule

FLA-SAGE™ is part of SAGE Global, an organization that encourages teenagers to create commercial and social entrepreneurial ventures on their school campuses, and is now active in seven U.S. states and 20 countries. At the end of the academic year, the student teams showcase their efforts on a national and world stage.
To qualify to enter the FLA-SAGE™ ™ tournament in the UAE, the following conditions must be met:
  • A team must consist of at least three contributing teenagers (a high school or organization may sponsor several FLA-SAGE™ teams); there is no upper limit to the number of teens that can be a member of one team
  • Each FLA-SAGE™ team will choose to conduct one of two but not both separate competitions:
    • Socially responsible businesses (SRBs): Socially responsible businesses are always legally structured as for-profit businesses; they do not directly address social needs through their products or services or through the numbers of disadvantaged people they employ; instead, they create positive social change indirectly through the practice of corporate social responsibility (e.g., creating and implementing a philanthropic foundation; paying equitable wages to their employees; using environmentally friendly raw materials; providing volunteers to help with community projects; and so on.)
    • Social enterprise businesses (SEBs): Social enterprises directly address social needs through their products or services or through the numbers of disadvantaged people they employ; they can be legally structured either as nonprofits or as for-profit businesses, but in either case must be profitable
  • A team must meet certain benchmarks throughout the year per the deadlines provided below
  • Each FLA-SAGE™ team will be allowed to enter just one of the two competitions and can only enter the same business for a maximum of three years
  • In both competitions, teams will be judged on their ability to demonstrate measurable success in two principal areas: market viability and social impact. Judging criteria are described in detail later in the FLA-SAGE™ handbook.

The winning FLA-SAGE™ team/s in the UAE earns the right to represent the UAE at the 2013 SAGE Global World Cup [August 6th-13th] in Abuja, Nigeria. Previous hosts have been Shanghai, China; Odessa, Ukraine; Abuja, Nigeria; Brasilia, Brazil; Cape Town, South Africa and Buffalo (NY), USA.

When What Where Details
March 2013
  • FLA-SAGE™ UAE Launch
  • Teams submit a letter of intent to compete
  • Teams to submit an acceptable one-page description of the business.
  • This letter must also identify the sponsor (e.g., high school; organization; adult ally).
  • The team has now enlisted at least (1) one or two mentors and (2) three members of a business advisory board (BAB)-Optional
April 2013
FLA-SAGE™ UAE teenagers teams submit acceptable evidence that the business is underway. On-line This letter must also identify the sponsor (e.g., high school; organization; adult ally).
May 2013 Submission of an acceptable annual report On-line SAGE will identify the topics that must be covered in the report, but teams will be able to design the report in any way they choose
June 2013 UAE National Competition To - be announced  
July 2013 SAGE World Cup Nigeria  

PARTICIPATION CRITERIA : Kindly go to partner methodologies and get the details from the handbook for participation in the 2012-13 competition.

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