Kindly complete this application, along with 2 Leadership Influence Surveys (only 1 LIS can be completed by a family member). Submittal of these 3 documents is essential to be considered into any of our programs.

Young Leader Application Form

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The goal of the application process is to help determine which children are most apt to benefit from a unique program like this.
Why do you think your child would benefit from and should be considered for the program?
Do you think your child has leadership aptitude? What observation/s has made you think so?
Kids who are motivated are most apt to benefit from a Future Leadership Academy program. Please have your child respond to this question:
Why would you like to be a part of this program with other kids?

Are you as a parent willing to assist your child in this process e.g. observe a training session, attend any parental seminars/workshops (included in the tuition), mentor on any project? 


If “no,” why not?

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Your child’s application will be carefully reviewed and you will be informed within a week regarding availability and suitability for the Program applied. Future Leadership Academy believes in the value and strengths of all children. At the same time, we want to make sure that the Program is right for your child and make sure that participants benefit each other, since this learning takes place in group settings. Upon confirmation, you will registered into our system, and a welcome pack will be sent to your specified address, along with joining and fee payment instructions. For specific fee info, please contact an advisor at the Future Leadership Academy and ask about possible scholarships if that would be important to you.


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